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A personal word from the authors of LogAnalyzer:

The LogAnalyzer community provides ample free support resources. Please see our troubleshooting guide to get started.

Every now and then we receive private mail with support questions. We appreciate all feedback, but we must limit my resources so that we can help drive a great project forward.

To do so, we have decided not to reply to unsolicited support emails, at least not with a solution (but rather a link to this page ;)). We hope this does not offend you. The reason is quite simple: If we do personal support, you gain some advantage without contributing something back. Think about it: if you ask your question on the public forum or mailing list, others with the same problem can see it and, most importantly, even years later find your post (and the answer) and get the problem solved. So by solving your issue in public, you help create a great community ressource and also help your fellow users finding solutions quicker. In the long term, this also contributes to improved code because the more questions users can find solutions to themselves, the fewer we need to look at.

But it comes even better: the LogAnalyzer community is much broader than the authors ;) - there are helpful other members hanging around at the public places. They often answer questions, so that we do not need to look at them (btw, once again a big "thank you", folks!). And, more important, those folks have different background than us. So they often either know better how to solve your problem (e.g. because it is distro-specific) or they know how to better phrase it. So you do yourself a favor if you use the public places.

An excellent place to go to is the LogAnalyzer forum inside the knowledge base (which in itself is a great place to visit!). For those used to mailing lists, the LogAnalyzer mailing list also offers excellent advise.

Don't like to post your question in a public place? Well, then you should consider purchasing LogAnalyzer professional support. The fees are very low and help fund the project. If you use LogAnalyzer seriously inside a corporate environment, there is no excuse for not getting one of the support packages ;)

Of course, things are different when we ask you to mail us privately. We'll usually do that when we think it makes sense, for example when we exchange debug logs.

I hope you now understand the free support options and the reasoning for them. I hope we haven't offended you with our words - this is not our intension. We just needed to make clear why there are some limits on our responsiveness. Happy analyzing!

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