Installing LogAnalyzer from the source repository

In most cases, people install LogAnalyzer either via a package or use an "official" distribution tarball to generate it. But there may be situations where it is desirable to install directly from the source repository. This is useful for people who would like to participate in development or who would like to use the latest, not-yet-released code. The later may especially be the case if you are asked to try out an experimental version.

Installing from the repsitory is not much different than building from the source tarball, except that you need to know how to obtain things.

Obtaining the Source

You need to download the sources. LogAnalyzer is currently kept in a git repository. You can clone this repository either via http or git protocol (with the later being much faster. URLS are:

There is also a browsable version (gitweb) available at;a=summary. This version also offers snapshots of each commit for easy download. You can use these if you do not have git present on your system.

After you have cloned the repository, you are in the master branch by default. This is where we keep the devel branch. If you need any other branch, you need to do a "git checkout --track -b branch origin/branch". For example, the command to check out the beta branch is "git checkout --track -b beta origin/beta".

Actual Install Process

The actual installation does not differ from a version obtained via a tarball. Please see the LogAnalyzer install guide for details on how to do that.

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